Thursday, September 15, 2011

"The United States Against Richard Nixon"

The United States against Richard Nixon-
Richard Nixon against the United States:

Case No. 73-1766:

Case No. 73-1834:

The entire history-

Still like a rather strange
Magical mystery tour...

American politics-

The twentieth century-

What materialized-

The facts and fictions-

Presidential communications,
And corn flakes:

The generalized-

As to what Watergate did-

Which was at least,
To some degree-

What opened up
A lot of American eyes...

Though it's true,
That Presidents before
And after-

Were involved in,
And will be involved in-
Even bigger crimes,
And larger lies.

Monday, August 29, 2011

"Satin Blue Eyes"

She's a memory- dramatized.

No longer with her...

But I still recall
How she watched me
With satin blue eyes.

Her movements
That she made
Toward and away from me-
With such style:

And her smiles.

And though
I have no idea now
Where she might be...
Or whatever became of her,
Or whether she ever
Thinks of me-

I know for myself,
That I still love her:

And so our times together,
Though very long ago-

Can never in my thoughts,
Nor in my heart-
Ever be cheapened,
Or trivialized.

And over and over again,
I'll recall how she seemingly forever-
Watched me
With those beautiful satin blue eyes!

"I'm Unspeakably Blue"

Unspeakably blue:

The end of the love-

Incontrovertible and final-

Now what am I supposed to do?

I'm unspeakably blue-

I'm unspeakably blue-

Crying over you:

I'm unspeakably blue-

I'm unspeakably blue-

Caught up in all the pain:

And I know I'm never
Going to get over
Losing you...

I'm unspeakably blue-


I'm unspeakably blue.